A Guide To Hickory North Carolina

A Guide To Hickory North Carolina

Hickory, located in Catawba County, is a city in North Carolina that is located in the foothills of the state. Known as being the home for some of the largest furniture manufacturers in the country, Hickory has managed to evolve as one of the most ‘hipster’ friendly cities in the United States.

Although Hickory has a rich history in the textile and furniture industries, it is quickly becoming more known for its unique and delicious craft beers, vintage clothing boutiques and tattoo parlors. Craft beer enthusiasts from around the country descend on Hickory every year to enjoy the annual Hickory Hops Festival. The festival features over 50 breweries, food and live music.

However, there is more to Hickory than beer, vintage and furniture. There are many other attractions that you can enjoy in this small, big city.

The Harper House

This attraction is recognized by the North Carolina Department of Archives and History. The Harper House has some of the most beautiful Queen Anne furniture in its interior that can be found in the state.

This home was built by Daniel Webster in 1887, and the Harper family was the last family to own the home. They are also the only family that owned the home the longest.

Boca Restaurant

After a day of sightseeing and shopping, you will definitely want to find a place to get something to eat. Although there are a plethora of good restaurants in the city, the Boca Restaurant must be on your ‘to visit’ list.

This restaurant is located in the Moretz Mill, and it is the first restaurant and wine bar in the city that offers patrons creative Spanish, Moroccan and Mediterranean cuisine.

Boca Restaurant is the brainchild of Youssef Amrani. He wanted to create a dining experience in Hickory that would be the perfect combination of his knowledge of the hospitality industry and eclectic dining.

Hickory Furniture Mart

The Metro Hickory Region is very proud of the impact it has made in the furniture industry. In fact, visitors travel from every corner of the world to visit Hickory. They come to the area in search of the some of the best craftsmanship by some of the most popular furniture designers. These designers are very proud to call the Metro Hickory area home.

The Furniture Mart has helped to furnish homes around the world for over five decades. The Mart has a reputation of providing quality, value, diversity and customer service that is keeps their loyal customers coming back for more.

Hickory is a fascinating and unique city. As it continues to evolve, the eclectic city will continue to attract visitors with its small town appeal.

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