"The true work of art is but a shadow of nature's perfection."

----------- Mardena Blaney

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Bill King

Bill has been seriously turning for about 5 years since retiring from Aerospace Engineering. He has done woodworking since the late 1940's, but only recently graduated into use of a Oneway 2436 lathe.

David Woodruff

David Woodruff is a woodturner and native of North Carolina with home and studio in Lewisville. Wood and woodworking has been a lifelong passion for practically as long as he can remember.

Dean Amos

A lifelong resident of Sandy Ridge, North Carolina, Dean Amos comes from a five generation woodworking family.

Dennis Fuge

I started my woodturning at Pretoria Boys High school in South Africa in 1966, where, as part of my eighth grade school woodwork project I was required to turn a lamp stand. This item still stands in my workshop as a memory to those early beginnings and the start of my love for the art of woodturning.

Elvie Jackson

Elvie is a member of the Triangle Woodturners of North Carolina and the American Association of Woodturners. He became interested in woodturning when a fellow employee brought an oak burl to work. Elvie is still growing as a woodturner and seeks knowledge of the trade by continuing to attend regular club meetings and National Symposiums.

Fred Uggla

"I enjoy creating pieces utilizing the purely natural form of burl as it was grown, creating rather unique jewelry and keepsake boxes in natural rather than man made shapes. My goal with each piece is to retain as much of the intrinsic perfection that the wood started with."

Mark Bressler

Multi-award winning wood lathe artist, Mark Bressler lives and works in Marietta, Georgia. The majority of his work utilizes Burls, generally from the Pacific Northwest. Maple, Myrtle, Redwood, and Madrone are his favorites.

Paul Watts

My design philosophy reflects my practical nature. I believe that we should be able to use beautiful things to enrich our daily lives. To that end, everything I make is useable; nature, technology and craftsmanship all playing a part in the finished product.

R. Adrian Sturdivant

The majority of my turning is wooden bowls (open and closed faced with and without natural edge as well as hollow form art). I also turn bird houses, roller ball pens, baby rattles, scoops and an occasional spindle. My work is one-of-a-kind. Duplication is tedium.

Robert Rosand

Woodturner Robert Rosand has a degree in psychology and completed two years of graduate work at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. His love of the craft led him to work in carpentry, and fine cabinet making, and has developed into his own style of designing and turning wood.

Ron Gerton

I live in the desert environment of eastern Washington State. I can understand how someone can see thousands of square miles of open space as being devoid of beauty when compared to the other side of the state with it's dense forests, mountains, and ocean shores.

Sig deTonancour

"I search for wood burls and stones that are very unique, many of which are already natural abstract works of art formed by nature, my only true art teacher!"


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