"The true work of art is but a shadow of nature's perfection."

----------- Mardena Blaney

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Test your Knowledge
How well do you know woodworking?

1. Where would you find "Cembra Pine" growing?
Central Europe
Central America from Mexico to Columbia.
West Africa

2. The Americans were the first to slice wood, in about?
B. 1870
C. 1901
A. 1800

3. The latin name for Maple is?
A. Peltogyne
B. Acer
C. Dacrydium Cupressium

4. Waxing: Applying a layer of ----------------- onto an overlaid substrate.
A. Honey
B. Bee Larva
C. Beeswax

5. Which of the following insects attacks and destroys softwoods and hardwoods?
A. Wood-Flys
B. Wood-Ticks
C. Cedar maggot
D. Wood-Worms

6. What tree native to the Western United States, keeps it's leaves and sheds it's bark annually?
A. Madrone
B. Western Hemlock
C. Tamarac

7. What is the largest living thing on the earth?
A. The Blue Whale
B. The Giant Sequoia

8. What is a Humbolt?
A. A bird native to California.
B. The wedge shaped piece of wood that is removed to fall a tree.
C. A splitting wedge.

Congratulation, you finished! Are these your final answers?
If so,

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